Tintinalli's Emergency Medicine Manual 7th Edition (Emergency Medicine (Tintinalli)) Free Download Medical Textbooks Pdf

Tintinalli's Emergency Medicine Manual 7th Edition (Emergency Medicine (Tintinalli))

Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine Manual full spectrum of emergency medicine at your fingertips — and small enough to fit in a pocket


Written by clinicians engaged in the day-to-day practice of emergency medicine, this handy manual is derived from Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine, 7e, the field’s most trusted text. Composed of brief chapters focusing on clinical features, diagnosis and differential, and emergency management and disposition, Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine Manual is designed to help you provide skillful and timely patient care.

Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine Manual Packing a remarkable amount of information in a compact presentation, this expanded and revised edition is enhanced by:

A full color design with an increased number of photos and line drawings
Numerous tables, making information easy to access
Completely revised and reorganized content to match current practice
Expanded pediatrics section and new chapters on Low Probability ACS, Thromboembolism, Occlusive Arterial Disease, Nausea and Vomiting, Bowel Obstruction and Volvulus, Acute Urinary Retention, Renal Emergencies in Children, Food and Water-Borne Illnesses, and Hip and Knee Pain
With its unmatched authority and easy-to-use organization, Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine Manual belongs in the pocket of every clinician working in an acute care setting.




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