Outboard Motors Maintenance and Repair Manual by Jean-Luc Pallas

Outboard Motors Maintenance and Repair Manual

The aim of this book, with its superb step by step photographs and detailed diagrams is to enable every owner to understand the workings of an outboard motor (2 or 4 stroke) and be able to fix it with relative ease.

It includes: an explanation of the different parts that make up the engine and how they interact; how fuel is transformed into propulsion; regular maintenance and repair worksheets to help even the most mechanically ignorant to work on their outboard engine with confidence; the most common causes of breakdown; troubleshooting tables to allow you to diagnose and fix the most common engine problems and advice on how to winterize your outboard in one short afternoon.

After reading this book, your outboard will no longer be a potential bother to you but an ally for better boating.



About the Authors

  • Jean-Luc Pallas is Professor of Recreational Marine Mechanics at La Rochelle Technical College and has always had a passion for the sea and boats. He has repaired the engines of a wide variety of everyday cruising boats.

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