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Clinician's Guide Laboratory Medicine

Clinician’s Guide Laboratory Medicine The [test] is abnormal. Why is it abnormal? What does it mean? What should be the next step in the evaluation of my patient? How does this change my treatment plan?
If you are like most clinicians, you ask yourself these questions every day. You rely on lab tests to make important decisions regarding the care and management of your patients but you are short on time. That’s why you need a resource that can deliver to you accurate information in a timely manner at the point of care. That resource is the Clinician’s Guide to Laboratory Medicine: Pocket.

Other books simply list causes of an abnormal lab test. Our book does so much more – it is the only book that walks you from abnormal lab test to diagnosis through a series of steps. Step 1… Step 2… Step 3… These are step-by-step approaches you will not find elsewhere.

The first two editions of this book were only available as part of a package containing the larger Clinician’s Guide to Laboratory Medicine. This new 3rd edition, which will easily fit in your coat pocket, is now available alone.

Inside the book Clinician’s Guide Laboratory Medicine

* Totally updated information to reflect the latest advances

* Over 100 differential diagnoses

* Nearly 40 redesigned algorithms

* More than 250 tables and boxes to allow for easy and quick access to key information

Whether you are a student, physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, or pharmacist, you will find that this pocket guide has all the tools necessary to tackle the challenges of lab test interpretation. See why so many have considered it a must-have book.



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