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ACT! 2005 for Dummies

Manage Business Contacts and Relationships with ACT! 2005
Maintain Records of All Communications and Activities
Learn How to be More Successful with ACT! 2005

ACT! 2005 will help you manage your business contacts and relationships (not just with customers, but also with prospects, vendors, and suppliers) more efficiently and effectively. But there is a catch-you have to ACTivate it. ACT! 2005 for Dummies helps you get your ACT together with basic information about fields, records, files and navigation, and step-by-step guidelines for:
• Setting up and customizing databases
• Using the calendar to plan your schedule
• Using the alarm to alert you to things to ACT on, whether it’s checking on a huge order or remembering a customer’s birthday (so you’ll get another huge order)
• Protecting your database by assigning specific security levels to users or password-protecting it
• Creating reports and broadcast e-mails

Written by Karen S. Fredricks, an ACT! Certified Consultant, ACT! Premier Trainer, and self-professed ACT! FanACTic, ACT! 2005 for Dummies covers both ACT! Standard Edition 2005 and ACT! Premium Edition 2005. It shows and tells you how to:

• Use ACT! Notes and ACT! Histories to maintain records of all communications and activities
• Tag contacts (to designate whether they are interested in a new product, whether they like golf, whether they rate a glorious gift basket at Christmas or get the automatic fruit cake, or whatever)
• Integrate with Excel, Outlook and other programs
• Use ACT! Reporting and forecasting tools to manage and track sales

Contacts and relationships are the key to any successful business. With ACT! 2005 helping you manage them, you can focus on building your business. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a lot of new customers to add to ACT! 2005?


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